On a scorching muggy Tuesday in Charlottesville, Virginia, hundreds of the nation’s convicted nonviolent offenders gather outside of the Charlottesville courthouse, surrounded by a throng of cheering supporters. These men and women, who at one time of their lives — have spent their entire adult lives in jail, or in prison, for actions that non-violent crimes today are now considered “recreational”, “moral”, “occupy”, “a protestor”. Jsix reports that 31 women were arrested that day in “fighting, shoving, throwing chairs, trying to hit police, and the barricade that collapsed in fights. Ode Sisig was arrested for refusal to surrender to police for sleeping on the steps of the downtown courthouse in front of the judge.” (Freedom Policy Press)

As my guest on RT America’s Off the Record with Alex Jones this afternoon, former West Virginia Conservative Party President Ed West, while questioning the motives behind the mostly nonviolent clashes between cops and the more than 20 Black Lives Matter activists during the so-called “last day of African American presence” at the state’s capitol building, demanded that these protestors facing charges for their “protest activities be marched across the entire country to Washington, DC, and arrested for their use of violently irrational means. Ed is a true gentleman, so I can only say, we shall see.

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