After months of “leading” anti-cop activists’ violent ruckus at Capitol Hill, journalist Yashar Ali, in collaboration with fellow activist and author Rod Dreher, will be leading a small group of peaceful yet spirited civilians in a public march and rally on Friday, January 6th from Capitol Hill to the White House to commemorate and call attention to the egregious acts of violence that have been meted out at the scene of the protests.

If you know someone like the many attendees of the recent mass anarchy in D.C. who disrupted congressional proceedings and people’s lives, and might be interested in attending the peaceful and upbeat protest, please have them contact Yashar Ali or Rod Dreher directly with details.

Please watch the livestream below at 9:30 am EST on Friday, January 6th:

“If the Capitol Police continue to arrest protesters (especially protestors who are peacefully in public and hold nonviolent signs) like members of the #DACupetition, the people of the United States of America will lose any hope of ever having the democratic government of Congress passed again. Today, the Capitol Police stopped even filming the video of Kim Kardashian wearing body armor to a protest,” explained Ali.

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