ISIS-linked militants are threatening huge natural gas reserves the world needs badly right now.

There will be two reasons behind that, and here’s the first:

The U.S. is trying to find a way to cut off Iran’s oil exports completely, if the Trump administration can’t figure out how to make a dent in its oil exports.

But as long as Iran is the world’s biggest natural gas exporter, it’s a threat to everyone, because when it’s no longer supplying energy, energy suppliers will start to think twice about using it.

The second is that Iran has been trying to get as much access to oil and natural gas as possible.

It’s the reason the White House is trying to close that back door on it.

So now there’s a huge deal underway, and here’s the news.

The U.S. has agreed to give Israel oil and gas from the massive offshore Caspian Sea oil and gas fields. And it appears that President Trump had given Israel some very good reasons to make sure it will get oil and gas when the deal is done.

One of them is that, as the U.S. was getting ready to cut off Iran’s oil exports, it had to let Israel have the Caspian to use anyway. Israel would get oil from those Caspian fields for free, and that’s the oil the U.S. agreed to provide Israel with.

Now you know why Trump is doing it.

President Trump gave Israel the Caspian in order to protect its energy sources. He didn’t want it to get shuttered in the battle for control of that region.

Israel is so happy with the deal, it was the first to announce its acceptance early Thursday.

The United States has said it will give Israel the oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea, but the deal involves some interesting twists, including an agreement that Russia’s state-

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