Copenhagen’s new Metro is a thing of beauty, the most aesthetically pleasing metro system in the world.

So impressive is it that in the year that the line officially opened, in October 2015, there has never been an accident on the line. In fact, the first incident on the new line occurred just five days after it opened, when a woman fell onto the tracks. Thankfully, she was able to walk onto a nearby platform and was able to alert the system to the incident.

Unfortunately, that incident was not the first time that Metro is ever known to have ignored the safety of passengers on the line.

Despite being open for three decades, the new metro line has caused serious accidents. In May 2016, the first fatality occurred when a woman fell off the line and was killed by a train.

This past June, a 24-year-old woman was seriously injured in a train collision as she and her friend were travelling on the line. Six months later, the line was again at risk of incident. Luckily, the woman suffered only minor injuries.

On August 8, a woman was killed by a train on the new line. This incident was not only a tragedy, but also a terrible reminder of how dangerous rail travel can be.

The woman in this case was travelling alone, and did not belong to a recognized group. In an interview with a Metro representative, she said the train was traveling at “an unusually fast pace.” This was confirmed when a witness who saw the incident told a reporter, “It went really fast.”

Two days later, the woman’s family and friends held a procession in her honour near the station. During the procession, Metro employees told the public that the cause of the accident was that the woman “climbed up on the roof of the train and sat down. Then she fell off because of the speed of the train.”

When asked if the woman, after falling from the train, was safe, Metro told the Associated Press:

“Metro is not

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