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Happy Halloween!

10 years of pumpkin carving going on in honor of our legendary fall holiday. It’s not going very well. We asked contributor Jacob Neubauer what this has to do with any of us!

Speaking of holiday, Today Show anchor Hoda Kotb has turned her romantic life into a Halloween tradition by taking trips with her new beau, fellow NBC journalist Joel Schiffman.

And even though A-listers continue to find ways to score big on Instagram, we have to assume that most celebrities secretly don’t even know how to tweet, right? Nope. For Kidding.

In 1957, Yves Saint Laurent took the world by storm with his “Little Black Dress.”

The scene was set on the runway of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. Models with models running around doing yoga may as well have been painted on it. It was the first black leotard.

Yves Saint Laurent created the Little Black Dress in order to make women look sexy for going out and about, without looking crazy.

Sure he wouldn’t know how to Tweet, but maybe he will learn to join the #HashtagInstaParty!

Oh and by the way, we have an amazing Halloween costume idea that you’ve probably never seen before. So take a look and guess who might be the inspiration!

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