Rapper-singer Lizzo pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor charges on Thursday after a Postmates driver accused her of stealing her food during a move. According to Postmates, Lizzo “had moved in with her mother and had asked for meat in an effort to make herself appear less exotic and more ‘normal.’” And while her lawyer vehemently disputed the claim, a New York district court judge on Thursday dismissed all of the charges because the city’s laws don’t consider food theft a crime, reports CBS New York.

The judge did not consider, however, the following charge: “tampering with evidence”: a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail. The city’s existing food offenses include “selling food illegally,” which Lizzo’s lawyer argued should not be covered by the judge’s ruling because the restaurant management called a driver to pick up the food. The prosecutor had dismissed these allegations as part of the dismissal, according to CBS, “but still stressed that the charges ‘should have been brought and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.’” (She added that Postmates paid Lizzo $20, according to The Associated Press.)

Lizzo’s lawyer, Dr. Henry Garris, told reporters that she did not tamper with evidence and insisted the food was not stolen. “I think there’s a conspiracy to make up this false accusation,” Garris said. But he added, “There is nothing wrong with a food-delivery service dropping a customer off.”

While Lizzo is free to resume her delivery duties as a Postmates driver — and appears to be doing so — Garris intends to take her to court over the tampering charge. And in the meantime, the city’s food ordinance allows Postmates drivers to shop for food using their phones. “If [Postmates] had not self-policed this process of doing this, we could have had food-delivery drivers who were using phones and tipping while delivering, which would have involved a criminal offense,” said Garris.

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