Before the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Summit in Brussels, John King and CNN’s Political Ticker, hosted Chris Matthews, Vice President Joe Biden, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, NBC News Chairman Andy Lack, anchor of NBC Nightly News Lester Holt, and the Wolf of Wall Street himself, Robert Wolf, to assess the current state of NATO and talk about issues of importance to the United States.


John King and CNN’s Political Ticker wanted to know Biden’s opinion of Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the relationship he has had with leaders in Ukraine and Syria. Biden’s candid responses:

On President Donald Trump’s “America First” approach to foreign policy:

“To me, what we’re all about is the ‘United States of America.’ That’s the American ideal. That’s our heritage. We’re not the United States of America. We’re the United States of America. And I have President [James S.] Madison who came here and said, ‘my country right or wrong, right or wrong, right or wrong.’

“It’s exactly the opposite. I always say: ‘my country right or wrong, right or wrong.’”

On President Trump’s relationship with NATO:

“I’ve talked to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and I’ve held talks with him and I’ve had an opportunity to go to Ukraine and the Republic of Georgia and other places. The President gave them an honest ear. But our alliance with NATO is more than a piece of paper.”

On Putin’s intent on detaining Ukrainians:

“When we watch this, when we see in the last year and a half, it has taken place in the past, it is a very good sign. When someone wants to do something, they pay a price for it. So the Russians will pay a price. Because Vladimir Putin, unlike President Obama, has had a number of provocations. And if he wants to continue this, he’s going to pay a price.”

On NATO’s role:

“Nato was built not for the common interest, it was built to prevent wars.”

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