(Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright) Jax Taylor may still be a star on the the TV show Vanderpump Rules, but his life isn’t all roses at home. The 40-year-old reality star is about to make headlines after admitting he is going to spend a lot of money on Brittany’s “child support playthings.”

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Though he’s currently pregnant with the couple’s first child, he told me this week that he’s still trying to get a handle on his finances.

“I’ll pay for everything, except child support playthings,” he said. “And that’s what I’m working on right now. Because I do have a ton of money. I have about 80 grand.”

As a matter of fact, he’s expecting about $1 million in the next six months from his ex-girlfriend Stassi Schroeder for films she is shopping around.

At one point during our interview, Brittany jumped into the conversation and offered to take me out to lunch to discuss the situation with us.

“Can I throw you a bone, Jax? OK?,” she said. “Let’s take one of those family outings. Let’s go have a nice lunch and talk it out!”

“If I can do that, we can take a family outing and be a family!” he replied.

WATCH: Jax Taylor Responds to Being Under Investigation for Allegedly Underpaying His Fiancee Brittany Cartwright for Child Support

Jax and Brittany — who announced their engagement and pregnancy on December 1, 2018 — will welcome their first child together in about a month’s time. The former SUR waitress tweeted to her 654,000 followers that she is “very grateful for all the love and support,” and is looking forward to becoming a mom.

“I can’t wait to be a mom,” she wrote. “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

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This isn’t the first time Jax has made headlines for financial troubles. Back in April, he posted a video of himself working at his real estate office in Santa Monica, Calif., saying that he was trying to find the right balance between work and family.

“I am dead broke, but everything is getting finished,” he said. “And my family has been very very supportive of all this. And just make sure I am building a real [business] plan. I have to make sure all of this stuff is all planned out. And I hope [Brittany] is a strong woman.”

He said that Brittany did not pay him anything for being on Vanderpump Rules, but then asked him to make a deal with the show.

“I did not want to make a deal,” he explained. “I was fine with what they were asking me to do, but then Brittany asked me to do this, and I was like, ‘I’m not signing no deal.’”

But he said he agreed to work for free because he knew Brittany would “be totally okay” with it.

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“My job is, I want to be a good person,” he said. “So if you put something like that in front of me, and it works in my favor for my brand and Brittany, why would I want to not make that kind of money? It’s crazy.”

Jax’s love life has always been a hot topic on Vanderpump Rules. In October 2015, his fiancee, Stassi Schroeder, accused him of cheating on her, and he threw his hands up in the air in disgust. The following month, he revealed he was still dating Stassi’s former BFF Kristen Doute.

To this day, Jax still deals with bad press about his relationships and appearing on the show, but he said that he’s in his best place since coming off of it.

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“I’m good,” he insisted. “I love my job, and I’m in a great position right now. … When you make a mistake or you say something wrong, that’s basically your ticket to do another show? Is that right?”

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