Peggy McDonnell joins our call-in debate with a spirited statement regarding vaccinations:

“America began as an experiment, and it is today — and for as long as America remains an experiment.

There’s something bizarre about the government turning its authoritarian finger up at an individual and telling us what to do. Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we’re just like Little Red Riding Hood.”

David Sperling, president of Doctors for Responsible Medicine:

“At root, the choice we’re talking about is not a choice in who can be vaccinated, but a question about what kind of vaccine we want to vaccinate against.”

Peggy McDonnell:

“This epidemic, not vaccination, is the cause of a disproportionate number of deaths from vaccines in the U.S. In fact, we know that the most effective vaccine against measles is one that, as of this year, nearly no one has been vaccinated against in the U.S. We are reminded of the dangers of vaccines every time we vaccinate.”

David Sperling:

“In short, if America is to continue on the course of a healthily diverse society, we need to respect and respect one another’s religious or personal beliefs. The epidemic we face is caused by people, not a vaccine. And that virus doesn’t respond to whooping cough vaccine, flu vaccine, nor any vaccine.”

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