I live in the 9th percentile of zip codes for obesity in the nation. After about 30 minutes in the hot sun with the same bucket of tortillas, I head to the gym to try to shed off the extra calories. So I’ve been on a diet this summer. To accomplish this diet, I’ve been looking for calorie counting deals to accomplish my goal.

Today, I stumbled upon an important and delicious deal that takes the healthy Taco forward. There’s only one problem. I’m 1/9th of the population. I’ve almost hit my limit.

You see, for the people who aren’t in the top 90th percentile, the best kind of deal you can find is a deal that makes you feel terrible about yourself. That’s the exact opposite of the incentive I was looking for today. Fortunately, it came from a far away place and gave me the incentive I needed to stick to my diet. For example, El Pollo Loco is discounting many kinds of chicken and steak on its burrito menu. They are making it really easy for us mamas to eat off the table, while also being nice to those in the top of the table.

This is how they called it in their press release, and it even came with a coupon. If you are a loyal El Pollo Loco fan, click this link to get this free swap deal today. More importantly, if you are in the bottom 90th percentile, click this link to get half off your order at the counter. Instead of the regular price of $5, your order is going to be just $2.30. Also, a special Taco Tuesday poll by the analysts at Dealnews makes the food look amazing. All you need to do is say, “gosh, how hot is that chicken?” which is always good to start with.

Of course, you have to give yourself the gift of access to the coupon, which is unfortunate. It’s located in your iPhone or iPad. If you just search for “El Pollo Loco” in the App Store, the most you’ll find is “specials”. Luckily, I am on a budget so I never paid full price for any of my phone payments.

The good news is that the quality of these tacos will probably improve over time. That’s because the restaurant uses such high quality ingredients. The chicken is breast or thigh meat. This isn’t just some average-looking chicken. They do all the work on their own, and they leave no surplus. There are no meats that have been injected, dried, extruded, extruded, extruded, or extruded. I hope they also go through lots of rinsing with a towel before they cook them in their oven.

As a wife, mother, daughter, wife, mother-in-law, wife-in-law, co-worker, friend, friend-in-law, and friend-in-law, I simply love these tacos. They are so good, I love that they treat women like men do. Their chef, John Nienstedt, knows what he is doing, and I can tell he makes real happy people and real happy eaters.

What’s your opinion? Is the food as good as the amazing tomato sauce? Do you like Taco Bell or El Pollo Loco as a place to get take-out tacos? Let us know below!

Julie Grabinski is a contributor for Fox News Latino. She is the Editor at Grabinski Media and author of Secrets of the Jewish Wives. Follow her on Twitter @JulieGrabinski

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