Sinema: Democrats must “stand up to Trump” and “fight for the middle class” after the D.C. gridlock

Sen. Jeff Merkley’s comments on Friday came as he delivered the keynote address at a California Democratic Party dinner, Politico reported.

“For 14 months, during the unified Republican government, we saw nothing but paralysis and gridlock,” he said. “Sometime this week, we are going to get one of the great jobs bills of all time. It’s a giant, beautiful shovel-ready jobs bill — it’s going to start with the commitment to protect our kids and grandkids from dangerous climate change.”

Newt Gingrich, also speaking to Politico, “celebrated the return of D.C. to the pro-growth approach President Reagan championed in the 1980s — and he predicted that the Republican Party will recover from Trump’s corruption scandal.”

In a statement, Sinema said, “Those of us on the campaign trail this year have had many opportunities to illustrate how our tax cut package alone will create more than 3 million new jobs,” Sinema said. “While Republicans dragged their feet, I, with my colleagues, were here talking to voters about just that. In the end, Republicans passed their unpopular health care bill, and Democrats have made history by blocking every single step on infrastructure. Americans deserve a vote on how their tax dollars are spent, and we’ve done our jobs and stood up to Trump.”

“Our work isn’t done,” Sinema said. “Democrats must stand up to Trump and his party for the middle class, protect voting rights, and build America one family at a time. Tomorrow is primary day for hundreds of Democrats running for office.”

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