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Here in America, we’re all about the future.

But for nations like El Salvador – it’s much easier to bet on the past.

FOX’s Vivian Vasquez reports in this week’s ‘FOX Nation’ exclusive:

Alberto Salazar, an expert on digital currencies and founder of, notes the El Salvador bank was desperate to rebrand the country’s reputation.

(Salazar) “In a digital age, who was coming in to back the Salvadoran banking system? The American banking system. Was that a smart move? Was that the right time to do that? I don’t know. You probably get a different perspective from someone without the fire behind them to think about the possibilities of the digital age.”

As for the idea of it being used to trade health, Salazar says the Salvadoran government would look at other instruments first.

In San Salvador, Vivian Vasquez, FOX News.

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