A.K.A. Three Moments That Hit Home

1. Blake fires Miranda into the maelstrom

On the first night of their trip, Blake calls his parents — separately — when the fire department puts out the small brush fire that erupted near Miranda’s house. While Miranda remains in the house with Max, the night-shift crane operator, there are two ways for Blake to handle the matter: She could either launch herself onto the roof and prove to herself that she can be the hero that she is capable of being, or get down in the water — the extra bit of flotation is the only thing that might keep her from drowning.

2. Miranda admits she’s fired herself up

“The whole idea is to try to convince the girls that you’re a contender,” Miranda explains to Blake after she discovers that his Maternal Delegate promised his boss a third office earlier than intended.

3. Miranda claims Blake’s truth isn’t actually true

“He’s been saying this for the past month,” Miranda says. “He’s been insinuating that some things are off the record.”

“What’s the definition of ‘off the record?’” Blake asks, searching for clarity. “Is it when you wish you’d said something differently in the first place?”

“It would be if I told you I didn’t want anything to do with you anymore,” Miranda explains. “Then off the record.”

“Which you would want — a person you’ve come to love but who you’ve found yourself less fond of every day and who’s slowly become more of a source of friction than humor,” Blake replies.

“I wouldn’t want anything to do with you anymore — but maybe nothing I tell you is off the record, because none of this is really.”

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