In a video posted to Instagram, rapper Drake has accused a person named Ladarius Martin of deleting evidence about the extent of his night out with the artist back in February 2018. Martin, who TMZ identified as a former model and actor, claimed Drake drugged him in the VIP section of Los Angeles’ 1 OAK nightclub, and that the incident was a “set up.” In the video posted to Instagram Sunday night, Drake accused Martin of deleting screen shots, audio files, and video footage of conversations he had with Drake in order to cover up his involvement in the night-time attack. Drake also accused Martin of being a liar who needs “90 days to do the time.”

In an interview with The Blast, the accuser claimed he was still suffering severe physical effects from the alleged attack, including long-term memory loss, blurred vision, and short-term memory loss. Additionally, Martin said he had video footage that showed the beginning of the attack, which included Drake’s security attempting to take his phone away from him as well as the moment that Drake attacked him. Both videos showed Martin briefly struggling with Drake before security took control and Murray left the club.

It’s worth noting that both videos from 1 OAK nightclub in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood neighborhood appeared to be heavily edited. The audio of the alleged attack in the 1 OAK nightclub seems to contain minimal sound, and when a sound can be heard, it sounds heavily muffled. The SoundCloud compilation of Martin’s filmed versions of the video of the attack also features rough cuts to the footage while also relying on overly dramatic camera angles. It’s possible that Martin has made some of these edits in order to conceal his involvement in the incident.

Read the full story at The Blast.


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