Disneyland, Universal Studios and other theme parks are starting to fall prey to a virulent virus affecting tourists from around the world. The Fun with Coronavirus virus is another twist on the Heart Attack Grill with diet chili and spicy grilled hot dogs like nachos and burgers. A California doctor, Alan Freemantle, publishes the names of anyone that may have contracted the virus in his journal the Global Virus Bulletin. Scientists discovered the virus a year ago in passengers in a freight car traveling from Thailand to Australia. He has confirmed the names of people that contracted the virus in the U.S. and Europe in his journal. A Disneyland Annual Pass holder recently found the season pass was being phased out due to the Ebola epidemic.

A Disneyland passholder reported a rare virus on Disney’s ticket database, which is being removed from circulation due to global news coverage of the virus.

Disneyland issued a statement today: “We wanted to pass along our sincere apologies to all our Annual Passholders who were affected by this discovery. We have always worked hard to provide our passholders with access to the world’s most famous theme parks and resorts. When we discovered a bug in our systems, we immediately worked to rectify the situation and made an executive decision to discontinue the Anaheim Annual Pass, which means that as of today all of our passholders can use their pass codes as of today.”

According to Walt Disney World News Today, the park will host its annual parade at Universal Studios Hollywood. Walt Disney World News Today said there will be a brief ceremony on Tuesday where park representatives will congratulate all of the new Year Passholders.

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