www.eventbrite.com/e/forum-with-candace-owens-running-3004988250 and www.eventbrite.com/e/forum-with-candace-owens-in-a-conference-room-3005097110 [top of page] newsweek.com UPDATED: We just received an email saying that the event is no longer happening. ***** RICHMOND, VA (WTXL) — Candace Owens, a writer and speaker in the fight for the “right” to be whatever you’re free to be. Candace Owens just completed the ultimate campus tour. She had three public events over the course of three days, everything from a traditional MLK Memorial Service to a Free Speech Rally at Liberty University. The end of the day? Polling and crowds that were fierce. “Well you can throw out the odds. We are tired of hate and terror and persecution. Hate and terror and persecution. Why aren’t the liberals asking for more protection?” Candace Owens, 36, arrived in Richmond for her third event on Thursday, and they were as massive as ever. The Free Speech Rally that she was planning to host at Liberty University drew hundreds and soon more than 5,000 people. On Wednesday, an event she organized in Portland to highlight the deadly attack on counterprotesters in Charlottesville on August 12 was met with a tough crowd – about 100 people lined up outside with signs, some of which called the rally a terrorist attack. And the Free Speech Rally in Charlottesville was planned months before the violence in the town. But it happened anyway, and it was also successful. From Nazi flags to signs holding pictures of police officers wearing Nazi uniforms, Candace took every opportunity to throw shade at “diversity,” as well as threats and intimidation she and the people around her faced on campus. “I’m a black woman, and a conservative, and a mom with a daughter. I shouldn’t have to leave my community because I disagree with your politics.” Candace arrived at Liberty University on Thursday carrying her son, and even though it was only on the second day of her tour, her energy was strong, and certainly her story a story to tell. She addressed the crowd, leading chants, books and different phrases to keep people informed. “There is nothing conservative about surrendering. Nothing liberal about converting. Something is wrong if people can’t change their minds after more than 200 years of slavery.” When Candace touched on her beliefs, she got heated – putting minds at ease. “I know you want to believe in people. But don’t believe in me when I say slavery was okay.” And when Candace had them, she stuck to it – she explained her message to Richmond, and even though she has had her share of controversies recently, she really deserves this moment, being able to share her message. She said, “Liberty University, I’m a student, right? So I like a lot of the issues you have. You’re right for an issue, and you’re very wrong for a solution.” And in the end, it was all because of one quote: “Don’t listen to what anyone tells you on college campuses. Listening to what they believe in is an issue of morality.” A brilliant quote – one many liberals feel is hurting the country, and especially those in the fight to be who they are. Follow Candace on Twitter. [email protected]

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