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Autopsy: The Last Hours of Dennis Hopper promises to take viewers back to the golden age of 1980s US horror, as well as examine the beginnings of an iconic, indelible star.

Written, directed and co-executive produced by rising filmmaker Calvin Barnett, this new documentary follows the horrific events that occurred shortly before the legendary actor’s death. Barnett puts a face to the man and his decade-long battle with addiction.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dennis Hopper was raised by his grandparents at the Nantucket home of his aunt Zelda. After moving to LA, he began making a name for himself as an actor, gaining praise for his work in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Apocalypse Now and Blue Velvet. In the 1980s, he enjoyed a career-defining role as a dirty cop in the iconic film The Last Detail, as well as an equally memorable starring role in Blue Velvet.

Barnett, a celebrated documentary filmmaker with more than 15 years’ experience producing and directing his own projects, paints an intimate picture of Hopper’s personal demons, and his friends and family try to cope with the aftermath of his death.

Dennis Hopper (1973-2016) was a fierce, confident, action-oriented and politically active filmmaker. Known for his intellect, his long-distance running and his thrilling work on both sides of the camera, Hopper was also the co-founder of experimental art house chain The Criterion Collection and started the graphic novel Boom! Studios (a company he later sold to Dark Horse).

Autopsy: The Last Hours of Dennis Hopper, written and directed by Calvin Barnett, stars Quentin Tarantino, Cindy Cunningham, Theo James, Ashley Zukerman, Andrew Lees, Ty Simpkins, Conrad Atkinson, Jillian Estell, Sophie Hermann, Ahiye Hirsi and Paco Delgado.

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Dennis Hopper begins its exclusive UK release from 3 June on 5 large Digital RightsMax and 3 Diamond Digital Entertainment DVD releases at £15.99 each.

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