Angela Kang is relishing in the bragging rights gained over her race-baiting father.

On the May 29 episode of “World’s Dumbest Criminal,” Kang’s father, Brian Laundrie, was convicted of obstructing justice, but Kang let viewers in on her motivation for the high-tech investment bank he set up, along with his alleged plan to steal millions.

“Brian, Brian Laundrie, by the way, died in jail on June 17th,” Kang announced during her live appearance. “I’m good and glad that he’s gone.”

But Kang wasn’t just highlighting the alleged robbery, which she originally blamed on Laundrie’s race. She made it clear to viewers that she knew nothing about her father’s criminal past.

“I mean there’s literally like hundreds of cases that he’s been in. It’s not just one case. We’re looking into 300.”

The criminal enterprise wasn’t Kang’s only choice. After it was announced that her father would be getting the death penalty, she chose to dedicate her time to her son to show he is as “vulnerable” as she is.

“There’s so many families out there that have lost someone to police brutality,” Kang said. “So this is a story of me and my son surviving that and to hopefully bring awareness to the fact that we can overcome, but that’s not to say that you won’t, because that’s not what this is about, I’m not letting my dad off the hook.”

This story about Kang’s pursuit of the series came to me through the year-old social media platforms, which were yet to be popular when Kang first exposed the story during “World’s Dumbest Criminal.”

I discovered Angela Kang via a post on Facebook, where, to my surprise, she has followed several contestants on competing reality shows. Kang has posted about her mother’s mugshot. (“Old school! My mother’s mugshot from 1989,” she wrote. “Used to have the same mugshot on my momma, but I think she’s wiser now than back then.”)

There are stories of Kang’s hoping to get her cop-killing dad into a reality show, just like so many other criminals wanting to say they live in the next season of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

The same day Kang threw the Laundrie mugshot in her mother’s face, she updated fans on her search for her missing father and the many viral memes she was seeing about the crime spree.

“This may sound crazy or crazy stupid, but people on Facebook have actually said things like: ‘Oh, Brian Laundrie’s a great dad.’ And it’s like: Come on, you’re 80 years old. Come on, let’s get real,” she told The Washington Post last month.

You can expect to see Kang on this year’s new season of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” where she had previously been a contestant.

“I will always pay him back for being so cruel to him,” Kang said to reporters during the “World’s Dumbest Criminal” season finale. “But I still really care about the Laundrie family, and I’m going to keep on fighting for them. That’s not going to stop.”

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